How AI Ate the World + Youtubers by Chris Stokel-Walker (ISBN: 9781914487323 + 9781912454211)


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      How AI Ate the World

      Artificial intelligence will shake up life in the 2020s as dramatically as the internet did in the 2000s. This accessible, up-to-date book charts AI’s rise from its origins in Cold War America to its imminent and far-reaching impact on us today.

      Tech journalist Chris Stokel-Walker (TikTok Boom and YouTubers) goes into the laboratories of the Silicon Valley innovators making rapid advances in ‘large language models’ of machine learning. He meets the insiders at Google and OpenAI who built Bard and ChatGPT and reveals the extraordinary plans they have for them. 

      And he explores the dark side of AI by talking to workers who have lost their jobs to chatbots and engages with futurologists worried that we are creating a dangerous super-intelligence that could threaten humankind.

      Along the way, he answers critical questions about the AI revolution, such as what, if anything, humanity is jeopardising; the professions that will win and lose; and whether the existential threat Elon Musk and Sam Altman warn about is realistic – or a smokescreen to divert attention away from their growing power. How AI Ate the World is a ‘start here’ guide for anyone who wants to know more about the next big tech wave. It’s vital reading.


      "From ancient China to Victorian England, How AI Ate The World is the story of the characters, moments, technologies, and relationships that populate the rich history of artificial intelligence. A book about what is gained––and what is lost––amidst the steady march of a technology that now saturates our lives, How AI Ate The World grapples with what the age of automation means for the people living through it." 
      Harry Law, University of Cambridge
      'A witty, engaging book that takes us through AI's bumpy past to help us understand its present, and future, impacts. I highly recommend it to anyone who is impacted by AI tech (which is to say, everyone on the planet).'
      Sasha Luccioni, Hugging Face
      "Whether you are new to AI or have been following the AI hype for years, Chris Stokel-Walker offers an entertaining balance of history, context and insight in How AI Ate the World that has something for everyone. The story of AI’s evolution is a complex one, but Stokel-Walker tackles it in a clear, direct way that will bring you up to speed while helping you grapple with what it all means — for individuals, the workplace, society and the planet."
      Sharon Goldman, VentureBeat
      'How AI Ate the World prodigiously captures the key issues and concerns around artificial intelligence.'
      Azeem Azhar, Exponential View
      'A comprehensive and compelling look at the technology that's transforming our world. It's an essential guide, full of surprises, to the technology you need to know.'
      Matt Navarra, Journalist

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      ✅ Bundle Deal: Get Chris Stokel-Walker's new book How AI Ate the World and Youtubers hardback for £20


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