Going Zero by Kate Hughes (ISBN: 9781912454693)
ISBN 9781912454693


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      When a ripped beanbag spewed thousands of polystyrene balls into her garden, Kate Hughes decided to break away from the throwaway society.

      Her family of four went 100% green. They ditched plastic, cooked all meals from scratch, made their own cleaning agents, and bought second-hand clothes and washed them naturally. They then went deeper – switching their household power, personal finance, and car. 

      They have achieved ‘zero waste’: sending nothing to landfill. Now they are going even further.

      Told with refreshing humility and humour, this inspiring story shows that a well-lived life doesn’t have to be wrapped in plastic.

      Format: Paperback book
      Pages: 224
      Published: 31st March 2022

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