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Jon Alexander - Citizens

Without Canbury my book might never have seen the light of day. They know the realities of the book world and don't hide from them, but they're determined to make the right books happen - and speaking as an author, I've been challenged and supported in just the right balance.

Ian Dunt - How to Be a Liberal

Getting a phone call from Martin basically upgraded my entire career. He is brilliant at spotting ideas, finding promising writers, diligently editing their copy, putting together an attractive product and aiming it at the market in the most sensible way possible, all while maintaining a really clear moral conviction about what he's trying to achieve. He's the full package basically, and it's been a privilege to work with him.

Russell Norris - Red Face

Canbury Press really helped me get the best from my writing every step of the way. From the first drafts to the final edits, from launch to PR, I had all the support and guidance I needed to publish a book I'm really proud of.