Tech Journalist Available for Interview About AI

Posted on May 09 2024

Tech Journalist Available for Interview About AI

Chris Stokel-Walker is available for interview about the far-reaching impact of AI on every aspect of our lives to coincide with the publication of his new book, How AI Ate the World.

Subtitled The Rise of Artificial Intelligence – And What It Means for All of Us, the timely paperback outlines the seven-decade history of artificial intelligence – and its long future.

“We’re now 18 months into the generative AI revolution kickstarted by the release of ChatGPT,” said Stokel-Walker. “But in that short time, we’ve seen more changes to our lives thanks to AI than the entire near-70 year history of artificial intelligence.”

He added: “From changes to the world of work, which will see 40% of workers worldwide have their jobs affected by AI, to the way AI is being used in immigration, entertainment and our personal lives, artificial intelligence is unavoidable.

“Who controls the future direction of the AI revolution is vital,” he said. “And in How AI Ate the World, I try to explain what motivates those currently leading the way.”


To research the book, Chris visited the laboratories of the Silicon Valley disruptors making rapid advances in ‘large language models’ of machine learning and discovered their grand plans for their products.

He has also explored the ‘dark side’ of AI by speaking to workers who have lost their jobs to chatbots and to futurologists worried that we are creating a dangerous super-intelligence that could threaten humankind.

In How AI Ate the World, Chris answers critical questions about the AI revolution, such as:

  • What humanity might be jeopardising

  • The professions that will win and lose

  • What countries such as China are doing to create national AIs

  • Whether the existential threat technologists Elon Musk and Sam Altman are warning about is realistic

  • Or a smokescreen to divert attention away from their growing power. 

Chris is happy to talk about all of these issues – whether for an interview around the publication of the book on Thursday 9th May 2024, or for breaking stories about artificial intelligence.

Chris, a tech journalist who has written for The Economist, the BBC, The Times and WIRED, is expert at speaking to general audiences about the latest tech trends.

How AI Ate the World is a ‘start here’ guide for anyone who wants to know more about the world we have just entered. It has been lauded for its fast pace and accessibility.

Ciaran Martin, former CEO of the UK National Cyber Security Centre said: 'This book is a wild, brilliant ride through centuries of thinking about and decades of developing machines that can learn. As a crash course in how we got to this current point of thrilling chaos, it will take some beating. Whether or not you agree with Stokel-Walker’s solutions or not, How AI Ate The World is essential reading to understand where we are and how we got here'. 

Azeem Azhar, Exponential View said:

'How AI Ate the World prodigiously captures the key issues and concerns around artificial intelligence.'

Ian Silvera; Tech, Power & Media said:

'Chris is on top of the biggest issues surrounding the tech, including the potential environmental impacts, but his book's big achievement is to ground this in reality'

Editor’s notes:

·   How AI Ate the World is published on 9th May.

·   Chris Stokel-Walker is available for print, digital and broadcast interviews about AI. Please contact Gaby Monteiro Machado at 


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