Wanted: 'Generation Rent' writer

Posted on November 29 2017

Wanted:  'Generation Rent' writer - Canbury Press
Canbury Press is looking for a young writer to tell the story of Generation Rent.

​If you are successful, you will land a book deal, to write about the subject for Canbury Press.

Applicants should:

1. Be a member of 'Generation Rent'  – ie, a young adult in a decent job who is unable to get on the housing ladder

2. Have done some writing previously, whether in professional journalism for newspapers, magazines or websites, or unpaid such as on Facebook or Wordpress

3. Have something pithy, sassy and coherent to say about the situation in which you and your friends find yourselves

4. Be able to draw on personal experience as well as the wider political context to make your points

5. Be able to suggest some practical ways to solve the problem of Generation Rent (looking at government housing policy as well as individual action).

Writers should apply in writing, answering all five questions, with sample of writing and contact details to:  canburypress@gmail.com

The deadline for entries is 4pm Friday 8th December 2017. No entry received after this time will be acknowledged or considered.

Best of luck,

Martin Hickman
Managing Director
Canbury Press

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