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Canbury Press specialises in modern non-fiction books with a strong narrative pull. An award-winning journalist and Sunday Times-bestselling author, Martin Hickman (above), founded the company in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, in 2013.

Canbury's titles range widely over contemporary topics, from politics to biography, nature to technology, and citizenship to health. We have published Ian Dunt, Gavin Esler, Lily Bailey, Jon Alexander, and Gulbahar Haitiwaji, among others, with forewords by Brian Eno, Bonnie Greer, Chris Packham and Tony Blair.

Our books have received major media and retailer focus and have been translated into multiple foreign languages. Canbury has been shortlisted twice for UK Small Publisher of the Year. 

Our a
im is to depict the world as it really is, stripped of spin.


Contact Us


Email: info@canburypress.com

Address: 14 Beresford Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6LR, United Kingdom

Our ebooks and audiobooks are delivered via the Glassboxx app. For more information and for help if you need it, please visit our webpage


We welcome submissions for non-fiction books on politics, history, biography, technology, health, environment, language and society.

We do not publish any fiction and will not respond to any fiction proposals.

Non-fiction proposals should contain:

a) an introductory letter explaining who you are and what your book is about

b) a summary of what similar books exist already and why yours is different/special

c) a list of chapters

d) one or two draft chapters, preferably at least the first chapter 

Submit your proposal to submissions@canburypress.com

It may take us a while to respond but we will definitely consider your proposal

Trade: Sales and Publicity


For media/promotion inquiries contact Gaby Monteiro Machado at gaby@canburypress.com

UK and Ireland distribution

Canbury Press titles are distributed in the UK and worldwide by:
222 Gray's Inn Road
Tel: +44(0)20 7316 1900
Fax: +44(0)20 7316 0332
Email: sales.enquiries@simonandschuster.co.uk

Translation rights

To inquire about international sales rights for any of our titles please contact Louisa Pritchard at louisa@louisapritchard.co.uk

English language rights

To inquire about English language sales rights please contact canburypress@gmail.com

Dramatic rights

To inquire about TV and film rights for any of our titles please contact canburypress@gmail.com


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