Best books on rhetoric by Guy Doza

Posted on June 21 2023

Best books on rhetoric by Guy Doza



Guy Doza, author of How to Apologise for Killing a Cat, has created this list of the five best books on rhetoric. To purchase any of these books or read more about them, please check out our list on


  1. How to Apologise for Killing a Cat: Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion by Guy Doza
    The most recent (and most pithy) guide to persuasion, combining enjoyable examples both past and present with a constant focus on practical real-world application

  2. How to Win an Argument by Cicero
    The old school classic for those who want to go know how the study of rhetoric began

  3. You Talkin' To Me? by Sam Leith
    Amusing, lighthearted and accessible, this book is a great beginner's introduction

  4. Thank you for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs
    A formulaic textbook-style approach to engaging in (and winning) arguments

  5. Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth
    A fun an engaging introduction to sounding clever

  6. Rhetoric by Aristotle
    It is a bit heavy at times, but, in many ways, this is the foundation on which everything else has been built.

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