5 best books on society by Jon Alexander

Posted on April 17 2023

5 best books on society by Jon Alexander


Photo: Cranfield University

Jon Alexander, author of Citizens, has created this list of the five best books on society. To purchase any of these books or read more about them, please check out our list on Bookshop.org.

  1. Together by Ece Temelkuran
    A beautiful and empassioned call to put your faith in humanity as the essential foundation of responding to the times we live in

  2. Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta
    A powerful challenge to understand and embrace Indigenous wisdom, not just as a curio, but as an essential approach to thinking about the challenges we face as humanity

  3. Citizens by me
    An offer of a way of seeing the moment in time through the lens of stories of self and society - and a challenge to step into our power and invite others to do the same 

  4. Open Democracy by Helene Landemore
    A new blueprint for how democracy might evolve, focused on expanding beyond elections and into all of us really holding power

  5. The Connected Community by Cormac Russell
    The essential handbook to transforming your own community from the ground up  

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