Why Politicians Lie About Trade by Dmitry Grozoubinski (ISBN: 9781914487118)

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      'I laughed more than I do in most comedies. I learned more than I do from the news. An absolute masterclass in how to communicate complex information simply and compellingly.' – Ian Dunt, journalist

      WHY POLITICIANS LIE ABOUT TRADE reveals how international trade really works and the compromises and deals nations must make to take part in the greatest commercial show on earth.

      With clear writing and lively case studies, Dmitry Grozoubinski takes readers on an often humorous tour of the shadowy workings of the agreements, tariffs, taxes and disputes that characterise this $32 trillion-a-year machine.

      He reveals the underlying political and geographical forces that shape the impact of trade on topics as diverse and important as food, jobs, gender, conflict and climate change. And he reveals what politicians cover up about the system – and why it matters.

      A companion to evergreen titles such as Freakonomics and How to Lie With Statistics, WHY POLITICIANS LIE ABOUT TRADE illuminates a little-understood network that runs our world.

      'Written by a former trade negotiator who has trained many British diplomates, this book is authoritative, yet – and here’s the strange part – actually fun to read.' – Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics

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