You Have Not Yet Heard Your Favourite Song by Glenn McDonald (ISBN: 9781914487156)


  • About the book

      From former Spotify’s ‘Data Alchemist’ comes a comprehensive guide to music’s digital revolution.

      Starting with the 1990s days of vinyl and CDs and moving quickly to the explosion of new technology in the 2000s, and then onto the rapidly changing soundscape of the 2020s, YOU HAVE NOT YET HEARD YOUR FAVOURITE SONG is a fast-paced, factual look at:

      • How streaming has changed the musical landscape for all global music genres, from rap to punk to jazz
      • How people worldwide listen differently and what type of songs and artists are popular in each country
      • How music gets onto the streaming platforms, and what platforms like Spotify know about you as a listener
      • How Spotify and rivals reward artists and the record companies and the lengths some musicians go to to game the algorithm
      • How to exploit the fact that pretty much every song ever recorded is available now, at the touch of the button – and discover new music. (Statistically, you have not yet heard your favourite song...).

      With 10 free exploratory playlists downloadable by QR code

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