Making a Movement by Barney Cullum (ISBN: 9781914487309)

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      This is how you achieve change

      Fridays for Future. Just Stop Oil. Black Lives Matter.

      From Greta Thunberg’s inspiring school strike in Sweden to emerging ‘hacktivism’ in Ethiopia and Iran to the toppling of the statue of a notorious slave trader in Britain, Barney Cullum travels around the world to find out how disruptors are fighting for a better future. 

      Meet the dissidents campaigning for democracy in Moscow and Istanbul, activists in the Sahel, Palestine, Brazil, and Ukraine, a commune claiming underground energy in Denmark and climate emergency protesters across Europe. 

      Everywhere Cullum goes, he asks: how are you achieving change? Find out the secrets of successful movements for social change, including:

      • What made Ireland U-turn on abortion?
      • How did Taiwan’s students resist when Hong Kong’s could not?
      • What persuaded Britain to reform its drug laws?
      • How did peace finally break out in Colombia?

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