Missing the Mark by Dennis Sherwood (ISBN 9781912454990)
ISBN 9781912454990


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      ISBN 9781912454990

      Uncovered: the Great Exam Scandal

      Every summer one million GCSE and A-Level candidates receive results that define their school years and set them up for their life. But those results are gravely unreliable.

      In fact, about one grade in four in England is WRONG. That is a gob-smacking 1.5 million grades.

      An A-Level grade B might have been an A, or even a C, had a different examiner marked the script. Similarly, a GCSE grade 7 might have received a grade 8 or a 6. 

      For a decade, young people and their friends and families have been unable to grasp the full extent of this randomness. Now, in this definitive book, Dennis Sherwood explains why so many pupils receive final grades that don’t do them justice. And he suggests ways to regain trust, which apply to essay-based exams throughout the world.


      Format: Hardback book

      Pages: 416

      Publication: August 2022

      ISBN 9781912454990

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