Dishing the Dirt by Nick Duerden (PRE-ORDER)
ISBN 9781912454464


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      ISBN 9781912454464

      Dishing the Dirt: The Hidden Lives of House Cleaners

      Nick Duerden

      Publication: 2020

      Many British people simply couldn’t do without a house cleaner. Once the preserve of the upper classes, domestic help is now a middle class necessity. Yet, what do we really know of the incomers who scrub away behind closed doors? What’s their story? And how do they see their clients?

      Based on dozens of interviews, Dishing the Dirt tells the story of house cleaners for the first time. We hear from the eastern Europeans who mop up family homes and from south Asians who wipe down mansions. We talk to happy cleaners and to slave labourers. We talk to women who dust nude for men, gay cleaners who fear wandering hands, and butlers trained to cater for millionaires in London’s mansions.

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