TikTok Boom by Chris Stokel-Walker
ISBN 9781912454792


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      TIKTOK BOOM: China's Dynamite App and the Superpower Race for Social Media by Chris Stokel-Walker

      ISBN 9781912454792

      TikTok is the fastest growing app in the world, and the first to challenge Silicon Valley's dominance of social media. Donald Trump claimed it was a threat to Us security tried to outlaw it. India has banned TikTok.
      Do the concerns about TikTok's Chinese ownership justify TikTok's treatment in the West? How has it taken over the world in just a few years, and what does its success mean for the future of technology? In TikTok Boom, journalist and author of YouTubers, Chris Stokel-Walker has interviewed hundreds of people connected to the short-form video app. He also goes behind the scenes at its ambitious Chinese owner, ByteDance, which is on its way to becoming Beijing's Google.
      TikTok Boom presents a nuanced, informed and incisive read on the characters and strategies behind the world's new tech order.

      288 pages. Publication: 22nd July 2021

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      PB ISBN 9781912454792

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