How To Be A Liberal by Ian Dunt (ISBN: 9781912454457)


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      ‘A tour de force’ – THE SECRET BARRISTER

      ‘Urgent and engaging – NICK COHEN, OBSERVER COLUMNIST

      ‘Courageous’ – JAMES O’BRIEN, LBC

      Across the world from India to Britain to the USA, liberal values are under attack from nationalists. In a soaring narrative that stretches from the English Civil War to the 2008 financial crash and the rise of flag-waving populists, Ian Dunt tells the epic story of the liberal ideas that gave us our freedoms - and why they are under threat once again.

      Format: Paperback book

      Page: 480

      Publication: 2020

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      Reader reviews

      ' I decided to give How To Be A Liberal a go because I knew Dunt from Twitter and enjoyed his content. I’m very glad I did. Dunt balances a detailed mastery of complex issues with a compelling and highly readable style that keeps you turning the pages.

      'His writing will force you to take a step back and reshape your thinking in the best possible way. His real talent though lies in storytelling and bringing his subjects to life. You come away almost feeling you got inside the heads and hearts of the likes of Benjamin Constant and James Stuart Mill. This powerful storytelling comes to life fully in Dunt’s coverage of our global immigration crisis and the human cost of nationalist policy. It’s a difficult but incredibly important read.

      'I was impressed by the way Dunt surfaces the contributions of women like Harriet Taylor. His writing on intersectionality is some of the finest in the book. It was wonderful and refreshing to read about people from marginalised communities and understand how they shaped liberalism too.

      'Overall, an incredible read and my book of the year. Thoroughly enjoyable while also educating you and shaking you by the shoulders. You won’t be able to put it down and you might just come away feeling slightly better equipped to deal with the messy world we face right now.'

      Billie, 15th November 2020

      'This is the first non fiction book I've read that moved me to tears. The flow through the stages of liberalism from its birth to now was so interesting and the threats to liberal thinking and how we overcame the darkness of facism was so thought provoking that it showed the history of the modern world in a new light. From chapters entitled love, death and a new world order we see the underlying founding messages of liberalism especially from Taylor and Mill all expertly interweaved in the narrative even in terms of where we stand now and the new fight against nationalism. A true must read for those who value the right to be an individual.'

      Rhi Duthie, 12th October 2020


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