Chilcot Report in an easy to read paperback book

Posted on September 30 2016

Chilcot Report in an easy to read paperback book - Canbury Press

The Chilcot Inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war has been published by Canbury Press in a low-price people’s edition.
Chilcot Report by Canbury Press contains all 60,000-words of the Iraq Inquiry’s executive summary.
The easy-to-read paperback is priced £7.99.
It is the first time a major government report has been published in an unofficial print book under the terms of the new Open Government Licence, which waives Crown Copyright on some official documents.
Publisher Martin Hickman hopes the book will bring the lessons to be learnt from the 2003 war to a wider readership.

Chaired by Sir John Chilcot, the Iraq Inquiry investigated Britain’s conduct of the war from 2003 to 2009, including Tony Blair’s presentation of the facts about Weapons of Mass Destruction and planning for a post-conflict Iraq.  
The full report is 2.6 million words.
All 12 volumes of the inquiry are available from the official supplier, The Stationery Office, for £767. The Stationery Office also publishes the executive summary in a 144-page A4-format book for £30.
The typeface, leading, and pagination have been changed from the official executive summary for the Canbury Press edition. However the text, headings, footnotes and any emphasis are exactly the same as the original: not a word has been changed or added.
Martin Hickman, managing director of Canbury Press, said: “For years speculation has raged about why Britain staged its first invasion of a sovereign state since World War Two.
“Readers can find out the facts by downloading the executive summary of the Chilcot Report for free online — or by reading this print book. I want to place the facts into the hands of ordinary readers, so that they can make up their own minds about what happened in the run up to the war — and why."

​Chilcot Report: Executive Summary
Paperback, 224pp
ISBN 9780995497801
£7.99 (free P&P)

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